5 Benefits of an Irrigation System

  1. Environmental Benefits

It may appear that a sprinkler system spraying water wouldn’t be the most environmentally friendly development of the century. The truth is, that adding a modern water-efficient sprinkler system benefits the environment in several ways. Sprinkler systems rely on cutting-edge technology like timers, water gauges, and moisture sensors to carefully regulate the amount of water used. This modern technology coupled with proper water distribution design allows for a beautifully watered lawn without the waste of over-watering.

Compared to hand-watering or the sprinkler attached to the hose being moved around your yard you have to guess when the lawn has had enough water OR remember to turn off the sprinkler. Now you can see the benefits of an automated sprinkler system, that applies smart water technology.

In addition to saving water, an irrigation system also has other, less apparent but certainly important, benefits to the health of not only your yard but your family to:
Pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and other greenhouse gasses are absorbed by healthy lawns. And healthy lawns release pure oxygen back into the air.

  • A strong, healthy lawn will generate deep root systems to prevent erosion and runoff.
  1. Financial Benefits minimize the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Not only is a well-cared-for lawn beautiful to look at, but it also benefits your wallet. Efficient Water Sprinkler systems are calibrated to use the right amount of water cutting out wastefulness. This means your monthly water bill will be much lower compared to manual watering. You can have that lush, green lawn you’ve dreamed of without having to sink a small fortune into watering it.

You can also easily adjust your sprinkler system’s watering schedule based on the season and time of year. For example, you can set the system to water daily during the driest months and reduce watering to once per week during the wet season. This helps you save money by avoiding over-watering. This can be done manually or a smart controller can automatically adjust your watering schedule based on atmospheric or soil moisture sensor readings.

  1. Home Value

The financial benefits of an irrigation system extend beyond simply reducing your monthly water bill. A beautiful, vibrant lawn adds curb appeal to your home and is a major selling point to potential buyers. The money you save on your water bills can be invested in other home remodeling projects to further boost your home’s value!

  1. Aesthetic Benefits

Unhealthy lawns are scarred with dead grass, dirt, and bare spots. Voids in your turf create space for weeds, which only adds to the lawn’s sickly, miserable look. However, well-cared-for lawns are beautiful and pleasing to look at. A water-efficient irrigation system provides consistent, regularly scheduled water to your lawn. This is especially important during the months when the sun’s intensity and lack of rain can dry out the soil and damage your turf. You won’t need to worry about that anymore with a professional irrigation system installation!

A custom-designed irrigation system will ensure no part of your lawn is under or overwatered. Our professionals map your lawn and consider the landscape of your yard as they put together their sprinkler plan. Your new irrigation system will keep your turf’s color and consistency even throughout your yard.

Sprinkler systems of the past were large, bulky, and obvious, they distribute water unevenly and create more environmental problems than they solve. Contemporary lawn irrigation systems are much subtler and more efficient. They typically conserve 50% of the older systems’ water. Most of the system is contained below ground and the sprinkler heads will only rise when they’re in use. Plus, the system can be scheduled to run during the evening or early morning when you and your family are asleep. You won’t even realize the system is there!

  1. Convenience

An irrigation system can save you not only money but also valuable time. It can be time-consuming and exhausting having to hand-water your entire lawn. An irrigation system will take that task away from you and free up hours in your busy week. It is also a huge benefit for people who have very large yards, elderly homeowners.

Do you travel frequently? A smart controlled irrigation system will allow you to travel freely without worrying about if your lawn will still be thriving when you get back home. You can even monitor your system’s performance from your cellphone. Your lawn will still get perfectly watered without any effort on your part.

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