Irrigation Installation

Creating your dream lawn and garden through the design and installation of an irrigation system to meet your specific requirements.

A professional irrigation system isn’t just for the ‘rich and famous’ or at the golf course. Through Shaffer’s, a luxurious lawn created with a new irrigation system is more affordable than you think. Through our team of planning professionals, we listen to your goals, analyze your property’s unique dimension and present customized options to you to deliver the lawn of your dreams.

A new irrigation system is an excellent way to save time and money, reduce water waste and ensure that your lawn and garden receive the exact water replenishment they need to grow and thrive in the Florida weather.  Whether your yard is part of a sprawling estate or a small postage-stamp garden, it will reap the benefits of an irrigation system we install for you. Your new sprinklers will ensure your lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowers are healthy and beautiful all year round.

With Shaffer’s Irrigation… Make your lawn and garden the envy of your neighborhood.