Hurricane Clean Up

We sincerely hope that you experienced little or no damage during the destructive hurricane. If you need assistance, give us a call.

Shaffer’s is at your service! Aside from yard clean-up from hurricane debris, we provide mulching, weed elimination, grass clippings, waste removal, and much more.

Unprecedented hurricane damage affects our lives in several ways. Your focus should be on the safety, health, and well-being of your family, home repairs, and returning to your normal life. Shaffer’s Irrigation team can eliminate all the scattered debris, broken branches, fallen trees and any other unsightly items that might flown onto your property during the storm.

After a storm, flood and debris can hinder lawn and landscaping restoration efforts. Let Shaffer’s team give you some relief by cleaning up your yard as we can make a major difference in the look and cleanliness of your property.

Once the storm is over sometimes the damage remains. Fallen trees, limbs, debris or standing water, cleanup can be a challenge. We are a call away from taking care of you and your lawn.

Gutter Clean-Up and Maintenance!

If your gutters are overflowing, it is most likely that you have a clog in your downspout or clumped leaves in the system. Buildup of leaves, decay and debris in your gutters could lead to blockages and eventually more severe damage. Rainwater needs to travel through the downspouts and downpipes freely and smoothly. Our crew can ensure your gutters will do their work correctly!

Gutter maintenance is crucial to prevent irreversible damage to your roof and home. Our team is here for you! We will ensure your gutters are free of debris and we will flush the downpipes properly.