Your home is more than just what’s inside your house. It’s the beautiful vista outside it – the flowers, landscape, trees shrubs – that create your personal paradise. At Shaffer’s Irrigation, we understand that the outdoor aesthetic of your home or business is as important as your interior. Our skilled representatives work with your vision to create landscape and garden designs that are as functional as they are beautiful. From selecting the appropriate flowers and plants that thrive in the sun or shade to selecting the right mulch or trees, Shaffer’s creates a natural-looking area that will enhance your properties’ unique aspects. Our services include
  • Landscape Design
  • Garden Design
  • Landscape Installation, Maintenance, and Tree Trimming
Our goal is to create exceptional living spaces out of everyday areas. Our professionals are extensively trained and provided with the best tools to make your outdoor space a vision of beauty. We focus on the small touches that create a big impact and make your design a special place in which you and your family will want to spend time. That’s why Shaffer’s Irrigation is the first choice when it comes to landscaping and irrigation services.