Technological improvements in irrigation timers are happening every year.   When replacing a timer due to mechanical failure or lack of available features, consider upgrading the features of the new replacement to Smart Water Technology.  Smart Water Technology Controllers are now more common, reliable, and affordable compared to their predecessors.  Here are a few examples of why you may choose to upgrade your timer.

  • Wi Fi or cellular capabilities.  Irrigation timers can now be monitored via your computer and or cell phone.  Mobile control of your timer can save you time, water, and money.
  • Water Conservation.  Smart Water Timers automatically adjust zone run times by weather or soil moisture real time readings.  Water savings translate into monetary savings along with conserving water.
  • Advanced sensor technology capabilities.  Flow Meter Sensor Technology that accompanies new Smart Water Technology Timers monitors and detects abnormal water usage due to broken pipes or heads.
  • Service and repair networking.  Timer upgrades allow multiple users, when requested, access to your irrigation system controls.  This feature provides system monitoring and schedule changes daily without the expense of costly site visits.